SASBA 2018

From Doug Barron, President

President’s Message 2017 The last six years as a director, vice president, and president of SASBA was quite an experience. I learned a lot about what it takes to oversee a tournament organization with a diverse group of talented bowlers. I also learned that without the continued support and hard work from the previous presidents, current board members, tournament directors and manager my job would have been impossible.

Changes made during the last two years include raising the entry fees on most tournaments and enacting a limit on the number of bowlers with ten (10) titles in a member-member doubles, trio or foursome tournament. Additionally, much discussion was held to modify our Age Bracket Tournaments. Implementation of the changes for the Age Brackets was delayed until 2018. An additional director at large position was added to the board of directors.

The limitation of only one (1) ten (10) time titlist on a team (excluding the Christmas team tournament) was enacted to encourage our super star members to reach out to other members to provide more members a better opportunity of winning a tournament and hopefully to increase overall entries in trio and foursome type tournaments. Whether the goal of increasing entries will be obtained is yet to be determined.

The modifications to the Age Bracket Tournaments will be used for the first two in 2018. At Cityview Lanes Jan 20-21: 8 games qualifying, double elimination finals, second chance tournament. Each age bracket winner will be a champion, no roll-off between the three (3) age bracket winners.

At Emerald Bowl Apr 14-15: 8 games qualifying, match play finals, second chance tournament. Each age bracket winner will be a champion, no roll-off between the three (3) age bracket winners.

Note for 2nd chance tournament (all formats): 1st place prize will be no higher than the lowest finalist in the regular tournament. No roll-off between the age bracket leaders.

After these formats have been tried the board will determine whether to implement one format or perhaps alternate throughout the year.

Members, please know all the changes were made with one goal: Keep SASBA going to provide quality scratch bowling tournaments for all bowlers age 50 and over! Changes were based on information from past tournaments, input from the membership, and the requisites of the host centers. All of the changes were made after extensive discussion among the board members and with the exception of altering the Age Bracket tournaments the decision to approve changes was very close.

The lefty/righty issue is a concern. It is recognized that we currently have several lefthanders that can and will score extremely well when conditions are favorable. As a tournament goes on, the right side scoring lessens (as a group) and the left side shows little change. While there may be equitable solutions for this situation I personally do not believe a completely equal lane condition is available without using a lower scoring lane condition on both sides. Lower/tougher scoring conditions do not seem to be favored by our membership. Additionally, SASBA is not in a position to mandate a house use a certain pattern or provide a lane machine and personnel to implement a “SASBA” pattern. Some efforts have been made to move the left side shot deeper, whether that has a major impact is still to be determined. The board is committed to continue working on this issue. Again, as a rule, SASBA asks the house to provide a fair and equitable lane condition.

As we move forward to 2018, SASBA is looking at a possible change in our major sponsor (Brunswick). They informed us of a price increase and we are taking the opportunity to solicit other sponsors that may provide greater value to our organization. Mike McHugh is working with Mark Busscher (2018-2019 President) and Kathy King to obtain the best deal available for SASBA. As soon as an agreement(s) is finalized an announcement will be made. We will have Brunswick equipment available at Beaumont.

The new President, Vice President and Directors at large all have the desire and drive to keep SASBA moving forward in the years to come.

I selected Gordon Stuntz for this year’s President’s award. During the awards presentation I was not able to say everything that needed to be said as to why I chose Gordon. (public speaking is not something I enjoy and I’m terrible at it.) So here is what should have been said.

Gordon joined SASBA in 2002 and has three (3) titles. In addition to being an accomplished bowler he has served SASBA as a director, two (2) terms as vice-president and as president. He stills serves as a valued ex-president member of the board of directors.

For a while Gordon gave us all a good read by recapping his tournaments on the message board. His tales of wining/losing quarters and how he bowled was very entertaining. I really wish he would start posting again. Also, he took charge of awarding members with the very prestigious Lily Club award. (Yes, I am a recipient of said award).

During his tenure on the board he recognized the need for a good program to manage the financial aspects of the organization to provide oversight and accountability of the money SASBA takes in and pays out. He and Pat Currie developed our current system of maintaining our financial records.

After serving on the various board positions Gordon has continued to be a tremendous asset to SASBA. He is our chief “scribe”. He took on the tasks of documenting the changes and rewriting our By-laws and updating the SASBA yearbook. Most recently he and Mark Estes developed a program to select the bowler of the year recipients and first and second team members based on their tournament performance. Previously the board voted on those selections based on statistical information provided by Mark. The new program’s criteria will ensure the winners are based solely on performance.

Since his retirement from Exxon-Mobile he and Sue Anne and family have made several trips to various locations around the world. He has posted some wonderful pictures on Facebook (well the shirtless horsesback “Putin” pose is a little questionable) and stayed in communication with the board as necessary. Sue Anne, thank you again for sharing Gordon with us. I do appreciate it.

Gordon well deserved the President’s award.

I also want to personally thank Pat Currie for his continued support of SASBA and his roll in creating and maintaining the financial record keeping documents and his advice.

I cannot forget Mike Lynch who got me into this situation to begin with. I’m still not sure why you thought I would be good as a vp and then president of SASBA. Thank you for your support and counsel during my term.

During 2017 we had some members step forward and help sponsor tournaments.

A big thank you to:

Mark Waldrep – Datatrend Technologies

Mark Busscher – Galco Hearing Aid

Mike Lynch – The Back 9 Grill and Bar

Tell these gentleman thanks for their support the next time you see them and if you can, support their businesses. If you have a business or know of someone who might be interested in sponsoring a portion of a SASBA tournament(s) please contact any of the board of directors or our tournament manager.

The late/great (in my opinion) Cecil Caddell reminded all of his tournament participants to thank the center owner/manager for hosting the tournament. If those individuals are not available tell the desk personnel. We need the centers more than they need us.

A special thank you goes out to the love of my life, Debbie. She has listened to me vent and worry about our group for the last six (6) years and especially the last two ( 2). All the while she has attended most of the tournaments and provided assistance where and when needed. Most importantly she has been supportive of me in my struggles bowling and serving as president. Lots of hours spent in bowling centers and then maybe a good meal after bowling and a short night at a motel.

Thanks to all of our members and their families for supporting SASBA. You are a wonderful, talented group of bowlers and individuals and I look forward to visiting and bowling with all of you in the near future.


Doug Barron

Ps: When I’m through bowling SASBA tournaments I will not spend my time making snide remarks or pointing out minor mistakes about the organization or the membership. I will have something more enjoyable to do or be dead. Constructive, positive comments will always be welcome. © SASBA 2017