SASBA 2015

From Mike Lynch, President

Sasba has just completed another successful year of competition. In 2015 we held 35 tournaments with a total of 3355 entries, up 255 entries over the total for 2014. This resulted in an 8.8% increase in income with one less tournament during the year than in 2014. In that time, income from brackets was up by 23% over 2014. This on top of the 11.56% increase that was shown in 2014 is a testament to the hard work Kathy Beavers does for Sasba. Income from ball sales of Brunswick equipment was down in 2015 by 14%. While this is disappointing it should be remembered that increase in ball sales in 2014 was a whopping 44.34%. That's a hard act to follow. Income from member dues was up by 20.8%. This resulted from new members and from the existing members returning to bowl Sasba tournaments.

Other accomplishments for the year included the Board of Directors establishing a rule in regards to the use of new bowling balls. The ruling is that any ball that is on the USBC approved ball list can be used in a Sasba tournament regardless of the release date to the general public.

Of course the biggest challenge of the year was the loss of Jim King. Jim was an excellent Tournament Director and a personal friend. Jim dedicated his life to the sport of bowling and played a huge part in the continued success of Sasba. He will be missed. With the help of members such as Marshall Medlin, Randy Summers, myself and Kathy King we were able to carry on with the remaining schedule for 2015 and with getting a schedule worked out for 2016. I was pleased to suggest a new award in honor of Jim King that would recognize a member who overcame either sickness or injury and came back to compete in Sasba. The BOD approved my suggestion and we established the "Jim King Ironman Award" with the first recipient being Billy Flocks. I'm sure Jim would have appreciated this award.

Kathy King continues to do an outstanding job in scheduling and running our events. Through her hard work and the support of the members, Sasba continues to be the leader in tournament competition for seniors. With Doug Barron coming in as the new President and Mark Busscher as the Vice-President I feel confident Sasba will continue to grow and be around for many years in the future.

In closing, I would like to say it has been an honor to serve as President of Sasba for the past two years. I look forward to staying involved in Sasba and adding whatever I can to insure Sasba remains the top tournament venue for Senior competition in the US.

Let's make 2016 another successful year for Sasba.



I would like to challenge the membership to help introduce new senior bowlers to Sasba. As the membership grows older we need every member to help get the word out to senior bowlers who might not be aware of Sasba and who would love the spirit of competition and camaraderie that is Sasba. Recruit new members so that this organization continues to grow and stay viable for future seniors.


2015 Finances 

Income - $756,210


  Prize Fund                     $552,988

  Advertising                    $2,340

  Annual Banquet             $1,998

  Awards                           $854

  Banners                           $250

  Bowling Balls                  $9,450

  Bowling Fee’s                 $163,925

  Jacket’s                            $1,290

  Office Expense                 $220

  Supplies                           $1,946

  Postage                            $2,991

  Refund’s                          $111

  Reimbursement’s             $0

  Telephone                        $2,215

  Misc                                 $1,648

  Office Equipment            $0 © SASBA 2014