2011 Awards

Bowler of the Year:              Doug Hayes

First Team Senior:                Doug Hayes
                                            Tony Churchey
                                            Ron Ware
                                            Dave Lile
                                            Jeff Shaw

Super Senior
Bowler of the Year:              Charlie Hufford

First Team Super Senior:     Charlie Hufford
                                           Roger West 
                                           Sam Howell
                                           Ben Edwards
                                           Billy Sales

Rookie of the Year:            Jeff Shaw

Doug Hayes inducted into the Hall of Fame.      

2010 Awards

Bowler of the Year:              Tony Churchey
Senior Bowler of the Year:    Roger West

First Team Senior:                Tony Churchey
                                            Doug Hayes
                                            Gordon Stuntz
                                            Bob Troutt
                                            Ron Sowa

First Team Super Senior:      Roger West
                                           Charlie Hufford
                                           Ben Edwards
                                           Grady Creasie
                                           Sam Howell                                

2009 Awards

Bowler of the year     :   Tony Churchey
Sr. Bowler of the year:   Ben Edwards
Rookie of the year     :   Richard Smock
Most Improved         :    Bill Throneberry

1st Team Seniors:          Tony Churchey
                                    Doug Hayes
                                    Ron Sowa
                                    Rich Goodrich
                                    Ron Ware

1st Team Super Senior: Ben Edwards
                                   Roger West
                                   Grady Creasie
                                   Charlie Hufford
                                   John Montgomery

2008 SASBA Southeast Bowler of the Year


Doug Hayes


2008 SASBA All-Star Team


Tony Churchey

Rich Goodrich

Ron Ware

DL Moody



2008 SASBA Southeast Super Senior Co-Bowlers of the Year


Charlie Hufford and Ben Edwards


2008 SASBA Southeast Super Senior All-Star Team


Roger West

Bill Gillane

John Montgomery



Senior Division
   Bowler of the Year - Doug Hayes
   First Team - Hayes, Jerry Swank, Jim Stephens, Jim King, Dave Zappitelli
   Honorable Mention: Bill Gillane, Dennis Moody

Super Senior Division
   Bowler of the Year - Bill Poff
   First Team - Poff, Sam Howell, Roger West, Charlie Hufford, Fred Barnes
   Honorable Mention: Grady Creasie, Phil Ballard, Gary Dickinson, DeWayne

Proprietor of the Year - Kevin Hartigan - RebeLanes-Tupelo, MS

Most Improved - Jerry Miles


Senior Bowler of the Year Doug Hayes

1st Team Doug Hayes, Jim King, David Ozio, Kenny Winstead, Maury Newman

            Honorable Mention Randy Summers, Rich Goodrich, Sam Howell

 Super Senior Bowler of the Year Roger West

1st Team Roger West, Bill Poff, Charlie Hufford, Grady Creasie, Ben Edwards

            Honorable Mention Fred Barnes, Jack Wallisch, John Montgomery

 Rookie of the Year Dennis Moody

 Most Improved Kenny Winstead

Proprietor of the Year Phil & Vicki Thompson, Timber  Lodge Lanes Monticello, AR


1st Team-Jerry Swank, Rich Goodrich, Phil Ballard, Mike Fleming, Doug Hayes
Honorable Mention-Maury Newman, Jimmy Young, Bill Poff

1st Team-Super Seniors-Fred Barnes, Roger West, Charlie Hufford, Gary Dickinson, Grady Creasie
Honorable Mention-Ben Edwards, Leon Aragon, Bernie Carlisle

Rookie of the Year - Bill Poff

Most Improved - Rich Goodrich

Bowler of the Year - Mike Fleming



2004 Bowler of the Year - Grady Creasie

1st Team - Grady Creasie, Dale Dumbleton, Charlie Hufford, Chuck Maher, Gordon Stuntz

2nd Team - Pat Brownfield, Bernie Carlisle, Maury Newman, George Pappas, Phil Thompson

Honorable Mention: Phil Ballard, Ben Edwards, Randy Summers, Jerry Swank, Roger West

Super Senior or the Year - Grady Creasie

Rookie of the Year - Jerry Swank



2003 Bowler of the Year Jim King

 SASBA Southeast 1st Team Jim King, Grady Creasie, Phil Ballard, Pat Brownfield, Dale Dumbleton

 SASBA Southeast 2nd Team  George Pappas, Jim Kruse, Sam Howell, Bernie Carlisle, Ben Edwards

 Honorable Mention Charlie Hufford, Mark Huckelberry, Bobby Wilkinson, DeWayne Thompson, Doug Hayes, Randy Summers, Roger West

 2003 Super Senior of the Year Grady Creasie

 Rookie of the Year Gordon Stuntz

 Most Improved Roger West


There was a very tight three-way contest for Bowler of the Year. The winner and first team is as follows:
1. Pat Brownfield - Bowler of the Year
2. Charlie Hufford
3. Avery LeBlanc
4. Chuck Maher
5. Phil Ballard


Rookie of the Year - Bob Handley
Super Senior Bowler of the Year - A.D. Byrd
2nd Team
1. Bob Handley
2. Grady Creasie
3. Lenny Biondi
4. Dave Soutar
5. Bobby Wilkinson
Honorable Mention:
A.D.Byrd, Doug Hayes, John Woessner